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  • Keep checking back here often as more and more video solutions to these exams will be posted.

Teacha! Store Page

Teachers check out the Mr Borchers Maths Teacha! Store Page where you can download amazing free revision resources as well as purchasable assessments for you to use as formal or informal SBA tasks.

All tests for sale are ideal for testing learners’ understanding of concepts taught according to the CAPS Curriculum.

All assessment tasks consist of original questions that have been inspired by and adapted from DBE end of year exam papers. They are impeccably set out and are provided to you in MS Word and also in pdf format. They all come with a complete Memorandum and Cognitive Analysis Grid.

All equations in the assessments are editable using MathType. Also included is a MS Power Point file where all images and diagrams that have been used are saved for you to edit easily and use in future assessments.

The Mr Borchers Maths Teacha! Store Page is just starting out so the number of resources is always growing. Check back often and pass on the link to any of your colleagues that you know will find this useful!

Important Note

  • All exam questions used on this website come from National Senior Certificate examination papers and are published by the South African Department of Basic Education. The examination papers that these questions are drawn from are are all referenced and freely available on the South African Department of Basic Education’s website as well as many other sources.
  • No breach of copyright is in any way intentional, this website is designed for the sole aim of assisting South African Matric students and teachers in preparing for the final Grade 12 examinations in Mathematics.
  • Any explanation given in any video tutorial or notes found on this site is not to be taken as prescribing any specific mathematical method. Any explanatory videos or notes are there to offer help in understanding concepts that are tested.
  • Past examination papers should not be overly relied upon to predict the nature of questions in upcoming exams. Examiners are always looking for new ways to test mathematical concepts, students need to work on becoming as adaptable as possible to new questioning formats.